About the Foundation

Ben-Gurion University Foundation (BGUF) in the UK plays a vital role in sustaining David Ben-Gurion's vision of a first class institute of research and higher learning in the desert, helping the University fulfil its unique responsibility to develop the Negev, reach out to its local community and its Arab neighbours, and share its expertise with the world.

How BGUF fulfills its Mission

Founded in 1974, BGUF is a nonprofit organisation with headquarters in London.


BGUF fulfills its mission by raising funds and awareness for the University across the UK, showcasing BGU's academic excellence and cutting-edge research from the desert for the world.


Activities include educating individuals, foundations and media about the University's groundbreaking research through a series of exciting, informative communications and events, featuring BGU's world-renowned faculty.


BGUF promotes the pioneering spirit of Israel's founders that continues to flourish in the vast desert wilderness of the Negev. A unique oasis of innovation, BGU is making the desert bloom, providing expertise in desert studies, alternative energy, ecological conservation, water purification and management, bio- and nanotechnologies, community medicine and global health, social work, and Jewish literature and culture.


It is a university with a conscience, where the highest academic standards are integrated with community involvement and more than fifty percent of its students involved in one of the many voluntary programmes.