Academic Programmes

There are a number of faculties, medical and health sciences programmes and research institutes and centres at BGU, all of which strive to fulfill David Ben-Gurion's dream to make the desert bloom.

The University prides itself on incorporating a strong academic model with an impressive community outreach programme.  It is this balance that makes BGU a world leader in arid zone research, ecology, medicine, economics, alternative energy, offering expertise to many developing countries.

All the faculties, programmes and research centres are listed below.




Advanced Degree Programmes

International Degree Programmes Taught in English

For information, go to BGU's Office of International Academic Affairs

Master Programmes taught in English


Medical and Health Science Schools

  • Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School
  • Medical School for International Health (taught in English and affiliated with the Columbia University Medical Centre)
  • Leon and Mathilde Recanati School for Community Health Professions
  • School for Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Continuing Medical Education

Research Institutes


Research Centres

BGU has a number of centres that promote interdisciplinary research and continue to attract the best faculty and students in their fields.  Here is an abridged list of the Research Centres:

Engineering and High-Technology

  • Blechner Centre for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development
  • Ira Centre for Business, Technology and Society
  • Medical Informatics Research Centre
  • Paul Ivanier Centre for Robotics Research and Production Management
  • Safra Centre for the Design and Engineering of Functional Biopolymers
  • Zandman Centre for Microelectronic Thick Film Technology


Health and Medicine

  • S. Daniel Abraham International Centre for Health and Nutrition
  • Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldshmied) Centre for Diabetes Research and Education
  • Sial Research Centre for Family Medicine and Primary Care
  • University Centre for Cancer Research
  • Zlotowski Centre for Neuroscience
  • Brain Imaging Research Centre
  • Centre for Multidisciplinary Research in Aging


Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Goldstein-Goren International Centre for Jewish Thought
  • Chaim Herzog Centre for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy
  • Centre for Women's Health Studies and Promotion
  • Moshe David Gaon Centre for Ladino Culture
  • Sidney R. and Esther Rabb Centre for Holocaust and Redemption Studies
  • Jacques Loeb Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences
  • Gershon Rivlin Computerized Information Centre (Ben-Gurion Archives Online)


Education and Welfare

  • Robert H. Arnow Centre for Bedouin Studies and Development
  • Negev Centre for Regional Development
  • Martin-Springer Centre for Conflict Studies and Negotiation
  • Israeli Centre for Third Sector Research
  • Centre for Advanced Mathematics
  • Lynne and William Frankel Centre for Computer Science
  • Centre for Futurism in Education
  • Centre for Science and Technology Education
  • Hubert Burda Centre for Innovative Communications
  • Moshe Prywes Centre for Medical Education


Desert and Environmental Research

  • Bengis Centre for Desert Aquaculture
  • Blaustein Centre for Scientific Cooperation
  • Newman Information Centre for Desert Research and Development
  • Marco and Louise Mitrani Centre for Desert Ecology
  • Centre for Desert Architechture and Urban Planning


Business and Management

  • Bengis Centre for Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Management
  • Decision Making and Economic Psychology Centre