The Prepared Centre for Emergency Response Research has been established for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research and increasing knowledge and preparedness for states of medical emergency and disaster.
The Centre facilitates dialogue, collaborative thinking and intellectual enrichment between renowned scholars and practitioners from various countries and disciplines.  This collaboration and the practical implementation of research results and and knowledge acquired will facilitate a future with better, more integrated and more effective preparedness systems in times of need. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and foster interdisciplinary research activity in the field of disaster and and emergency preparedness.
  • To promote teaching and training in the fields of disaster preparedness, disaster and emergency medicine and the management of systems in disaster situations.
  • To serve as a base of knowledge and a support hub both locally and internationally.
  • To provide consultation and training programs, both locally and abroad, in order to implement knowledge on issues of disaster and emergency preparedness.
  • To create a dialogue and improve communication and coordination
    between the various fields involved in response to disaster situations.

Focus Areas

  • Research on preparedness and response for a wide range of health
    related emergency and disaster scenarios
    , resulting from natural
    disasters, acts of terror and war, unintentional injuries, infectious disease
    outbreaks and epidemics:
    • Medical consequences and epidemiological aspects of disasters.
    • Social, behavioral and psychological effects of disasters.
    • Cultural, legal, policy and ethical aspects of emergency situations.
    • Risk communication and public information issues.
    • Emerging agents and threats.
    • Accountability and responsibility in disaster situations.
    • Interoperability of emergency response systems.
  • Development of tools that assess and measure preparedness and the
    of interventions.
  • Dissemination and implementation of the acquired knowledge, in Israel
    and abroad.
  • Consultation and training programs for health related professionals and

Beyond Research

The Prepared Centre initiates, organises and participates in seminars, workshops and conferences. The Centre writes policy papers, publishes articles in professional journals and presents research results at international forums. Research is supported that is conducted by students from BGU’s master’s degree program in Emergency Medicine: a two-year nonclinical program that focuses on preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters. This program is offered by the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Leon and Mathilde Recanati School for Community Health Professions.