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Today BGU leads the Negev region in initiatives for sharing knowledge in desertification and water resource management, revitalising classic disciplines; building bridges between academia and industry; and reducing inequality through community action; and it has extended its hand in friendship and collaboration to Israel's neighbours. Your donation is an emphatic statement of commitment to this innovative research and development of a strong and thriving Negev.

The following giving opportunities are available online.


Become a member of the Ben-Gurion University Foundation and be the first to receive up to date infomarion, newsletters, free entrance to events, bespoke tours of the University Campus in Israel and more.  See the Membership page for all the details.

General Support

Your unrestricted contribution allows us to deliver funds where they are needed most. Whether it is to support the recruitment of outstanding faculty and researchers, provide scholarships, underwrite research, offset the expenses of new buildings, labs, equipment, and classrooms, or pay the University's electric bill, you have our guarantee that your investment in BGU will be used wisely, effectively and efficiently.

The Student Scholarship Fund

Donations earmarked for scholarships help make higher education accessible to more young people who might otherwise be unable to pursue a university education. BGU has been unable to meet the increased demand for greater scholarship assistance. Your investment in this fund will support tuition assistance, housing and living expenses, and will subsidize the high cost of text books.

Contributions in any amount are deeply appreciated. However, contributors of £1650.00 and above are matched with individual student scholarship recipients and receive letters from both the student and the dean of students.


More Giving Opportunities

BGU is an academic powerhouse in the desert with five faculties, world-renowned medical schools, hundreds of departments, research institutes and centres. Numerous designated giving opportunities exist for supporters seeking significant partnerships.

Read more about specific opportunities on the Current Research page.

To learn more about naming opportunities, or to match your interest with a particular funding opportunity, please contact the BGUF Office.