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Coming of Age: A view of the history of Israeli archaeology

Ben-Gurion University Foundation Presents

Coming of Age: A view of the history of Israeli archaeology

With Professor Steve Rosen

Wednesday 22nd October 2014, 8pm, South London (Wimbledon Venue)

Israeli archaeology has been characterised as biased and nationalistic, arguably used to promote the Zionist endeavour in the early years of the State of Israel, and taken out of its historical context. Today Israeli archaeology has developed from a discipline tied to the construction of national identity to a vibrant a cutting edge historical science in its century of existence.


Join us for an engaging and contemporary view of the role of Archaeology today, and an insight into its future, in the State of Israel.



Professor Steve Rosen is the Canada Chair in Near Eastern Archaeology at Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva. Prior to his tenure at BGU he worked as a survey archaeologist for 8 years with the Archaeological Survey of Israel-Negev Emergency Survey.  His areas of research expertise include the analysis of chipped stone tool industries, especially from the Chalcolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages, the archaeology of nomadism, and generally prehistoric archaeology and Negev archaeology.


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