Israel: Peace-building and Environmental Leadership

Join us at ORT House for an event co-hosted by Ben-Gurion University Foundation and UK Taskforce to hear David Lehrer, Executive Director, of the The Arava Institute discuss Israel: Peace-building and Environmental Leadership.


The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is an academic research institute located on Kibbutz Ketura, accredited by Ben-Gurion University which brings Jews and Arabs together; Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians and international students, and has 18 years of experience building bridges between peoples in the region. 



The evening will start at 6pm with a reception after which David’s lecture will begin followed by a question and answer session. We will also hear from Zobida Azery, a current PhD candidate at the Arava Institute. Zobida is an Arab citizen of Israel speaking fluent Arabic and Hebrew. 



I do hope you will join us and to book your place contact David Schwartz at / 020 7443 5156