Prof. Chaim Hames and Prof. David Newman presenting at this year's Limmud

If you will be attending Limmud this year at Warwick University from Sunday 28th December 2014 - Thursday 1st January 2015 please join us at the following sessions.
Prof Chaim Hames sessions:

Does Judaism have a future in Israel (and in the Diaspora)?

Dec 29th at 9:20 AM until 10:20 AM

Location Sci 5

To answer the question posed in the title of this session, we will have to try and define what we mean by the term 'religion', then attempt to outline what Judaism is. We will go on to examine what implications that has for the future of Judaism in Israel and the Diaspora.

When a friar met a rabbi – what really happened in Barcelona 1263?

Dec 30th at 10:40 AM until 11:50 AM

Location Ram 4

In Barcelona 1263, a Dominican friar, a convert from Judaism, held a public disputation with Nahmanides. The Barcelona disputation has been portrayed in scholarship, on the stage and in film as part of the Christian attempt to convert the Jews. But was that really the case? We will examine the evidence and try understand what the Dominicans were really trying to do.

The first translation of the gospels into Hebrew – When, why, by who and for who?

Dec 31st at 9:20 AM until 10:20 AM

Location Sci 5

The first full translation of all four Gospels into Hebrew is extant in a late fifteenth-century manuscript now to be found in the Vatican. Looking at the broader historical context and clues found in the manuscript, we will try to understand why the Gospels were translated, what was the source used for the translation, for who was the translation done and by who.

Prof. David Newman sessions: 

Borderline views - Challenges facing contemporary Israel: A Jewish State or a State of All its Citizens? (1 of 4)

Dec 29th at 9:20 AM until 10:20 AM

Location Sci 3

Israel is self defined as being both a Jewish and a democratic State. But has Israel ever really come to grips with the fact that at least twenty percent of its population is not Jewish and argues that it does not receive equal treatment? What does it mean for Israel to redefine itself as a state of all of its citizens?

Borderline views - Challenges facing contemporary Israel: One state, two states and their borders (2 of 4)

Dec 30th at 9:20 AM until 10:20 AM

Location Sci 3

To many it would appear that the time for the two state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict has come and gone and that it is no longer possible to draw a clean border between an Israel and an independent Palestine. What are the territorial alternatives and what does this mean for the borders of Israel?


Borderline views - Challenges facing contemporary Israel: Integrating the haredim into Israeli society (3 of 4)

Dec 31st at 9:20 AM until 10:20 AM

Location Sci 3

The fastest growing sector of Israel's Jewish population are the haredim. By remaining in the yeshivot they have created a new sub culture of poverty which the government seeks to alleviate. How can they be integrated into the workforce and into vocational and professional training and why do some of their leaders continue to object?


Borderline views - challenges facing contemporary Israel: raining missiles - living through the war in Beer Sheva (4 of 4)

Jan 1st at 9:50 AM until 10:50 AM

Location Ram 1

Living and working in Beer Sheva this past summer meant being subject to a barrage of missiles coming in from Gaza. Ben Gurion University was closed down for the duration. What does it mean for a country whose borders can no longer defend its citizens from rocket attacks and how do we go about daily life under such conditions?