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BGN Technologies and Joy Ventures to Collaborate On Bringing Wellness Research to Market

​A BGU researcher has been awarded a 2017 Joy Academic grant from Joy Ventures to research and develop an empathy-based emo...

What REALLY happens to your body when you eat: Different foods influence how fat is stored, reveal scans, and the ONE diet that is best for the heart and liver

- Eating a Mediterranean diet reduces fat storage around the heart and liver - Mediterranean-diet lunches three times a week...

Caltech Cosmologist Lists Book by Prof. (Emeritus) Addy Pross in his Top Ten Popular Science Book List

Caltech cosmologist Prof. Sean Michael Carroll has included a book by BGU Prof. (Emeritus) Addy Pross “What is Life?" in th...

BGU to Construct Graduate Student Family Dormitories

BGU will open a new dormitory complex for graduate students in less than two years, the University announced during a ceremon...

Poultry Excrement Could Partially Replace Coal as a Renewable Energy Source According to BGU Researchers

While turkeys at Thanksgiving are an age-old custom, a new study shows that turkey excrement may have a future as a fuel for ...

Four Young Programmers Capture the Flag in Israel's First CSAW Student-led Cybersecurity Games

The 14th annual New York University Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) games – already the world's largest and most compr...

Israeli Doctoral Student makes list of inventors with world's most patents

Assaf Natanzon has now joined famed inventors such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell

BGU to Bestow Honorary Doctorates and the BG Negev Award on Ben-Gurion Day

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev will bestow honorary doctorates and the Ben-Gurion Negev Award on eight remarkable individ...

Israeli researchers develop invisibility cloak - but you can't see it, yet

HARRY POTTER, HERE WE COME 'Cloaking carpet' will deflect light so objects placed upon it do a disappearing act, say Ben-G...

BGU Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Camouflaging an Optical Chip Rendering it Invisible

BGU researchers have achieved a breakthrough in manipulating light to theoretically render an object, such as an optical chip...