Inauguration of New International Dormitories at BGU

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has opened its first international dorms in Beer-Sheva with a festive celebration.

Students from approximately 20 countries will reside in the new and modern dorms. They study in a variety of programmes at BGU within the Ginsburg-Ingerman Overseas Students Programs (OSP), for advanced degrees and as post-docs in various faculties.


Israeli and international students share apartments and enjoy a wide range of shared activities. Having a roommate exposes the students to different languages, culture and traditions. The Israeli students living in the international dorms have volunteered to help integrate the international students into life on campus, Beer-Sheva and Israel.


Last week, the students congregated on the lawn of the new international dormitories to celebrate. They enjoyed an evening of games, "ice breaking" quizzes, an Israeli dinner, and got to know each other better.


BGU Rector, Prof. Zvi HaCohen, greeted the students. Dean of Students, Prof. Moshe Caspi; Vice Rector for International Academic Affairs, Prof. Limor Aharonson-Daniel;  Head of BGU's Dormitories, Ms. Ela Sirpad, and the staff of the Office of International Academic Affairs also attended.